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Types of Criminal Offenses

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A criminal offense is a crime against the government or state. These offenses are usually considered harmful to the community or other individuals. A crime can be punishable in various ways, including suspension of licenses, court fines, community work, or even imprisonment. The following are types of criminal offenses.

Crimes Against An Individual

These are usually crimes that cause mental or physical harm to another individual. Crimes against an individual are divided into homicides and other violent crimes. If the physical harm results in death, the defendant can be charged with homicide, including voluntary manslaughter, first-degree murder, and vehicular homicide. On the other hand, violent crimes include

Crimes Against Property

These crimes usually involve meddling with another person’s property. Although they may cause mental and physical harm to another person, they usually cause deprivation of the enjoyment or use of property. Most of these crimes include theft such as larceny, robbery, shoplifting, and burglary.

Inchoate Crimes

These are crimes that were initiated but didn’t occur, and the act aided the commission of another crime. Inchoate crimes usually include abetting and aiding, conspiracy, and attempting. Although the punishment for these crimes may be less severe, the punishment for these crimes can also be similar to the underlying crimes, according to the Law Office of Genine Ann Mejia.

Statutory Crimes

Statutory offenses include drug crimes, alcohol-related crimes, financial crimes, and traffic offenses. These violations are specifically proscribed by statute since society aims at preventing people from engaging in them. Alcohol-related crimes include driving under the influence, possession of alcohol by a minor, public intoxication, open container violations, selling and supplying alcohol or drugs to minors, boating DUI, and underage DUI.

Legal processes can be hectic and challenging. However, seeking help from a reputable criminal lawyer helps enables someone to get the best probable outcome. 

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