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How to Share the Road with Trucks

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Have you ever found yourself clenching your teeth or clutching the wheel a bit tighter when you are passing a commercial truck? You are not the only one. Commercial trucks play a big role in the economy by moving goods from one place to another. That means it can be hard to avoid them. But as much as they are important, they can also threaten other road users, mainly because of their inability to stop quickly and their size. Accidents involving trucks are often fatal, leading to serious injuries or even death. But as much as there is nothing you can do to remove trucks from the roads, you can practice caution to reduce the risk of an accident. Here are some helpful tips on sharing the road with a truck.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Driving close to commercial trucks puts you at risk if something happens. The truck may suddenly stop, roll over due to strong winds, or the tire may blow out. If you were following the truck closely, you are likely to get hit. Considering that trucks are slightly higher from the ground, if your car is unable to stop on time, it may slide underneath the truck, leading to terrible injuries or even death. Ensure there is at least 30 feet between you and the truck as that is enough space to either merge, swerve or maneuver in case of anything.

Avoid Driving Behind a Truck Carrying Loose Materials

Some truck accidents occur because the material on the flatbed has not been secured tightly, and so it easily rolls over and hits nearby cars. Even if the material looks securely tightened, be safe and avoid driving close to such a truck. Either drive far behind them, in another lane, or overtake them.

Drive Defensively

If you have been driving a car for a long time, you may feel like driving is second nature to you. But no matter how skilled of a driver you are, remember you do not know about other people’s skills on the road. Therefore, be alert at all times, especially when near commercial trucks. They are bigger in size and, therefore, slow to react. Pay attention to traffic flow, vehicle locations, bad weather, and vehicle signals. This enables you to anticipate problems and have enough time to respond if the need be.  

Avoid Trucks Blind Spot

A large commercial truck is about 20 times heavier and larger than an average car. And because of their size, they have bigger blind spots as well. Most people do not know this, but trucks actually have four blind spots. So, if you are driving in a truck’s blind spot, the driver cannot see you, meaning one wrong move, and you might get into an accident.

Stay Off Your Phone

Driving on a highway for a long time can get boring. One can get distracted and restless and think of checking their social media, calling a friend, or sending a text. This is a huge mistake that can lead to deadly consequences. If you are distracted on your phone, you can miss a truck’s turning signal and hit it.

Know What To Do After an Accident

Sharing the road with trucks means an accident can happen at any time. It is good to be prepared if that ever happens. The first thing you should do is get medical assistance even if you do not see any injuries. You should also contact a commercial truck accident attorney as soon as possible. There are many costs associated with an accident involving a truck, and you need to be compensated for that.

Learning how to share the road with commercial trucks can help avoid many fatal accidents. Use the tips mentioned above to stay safe.

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